Why Online Shopping?

Everything about online shopping.

Why Online Shopping?

Everything about online shopping.

If for any reason you haven't done online shopping yet, then this blog is just for you. Let's understand its working mechanism, advantages and disadvantages, secrets and tricks.

Everything about Online Shopping

Briefly, the process is as follows:
To choose
You choose the product you like in any online store.
To sign up
You sign up on the website and fill in the necessary information.
To order
Specify the delivery address and attach a payment method (bank card, e-wallet or any other one).
That’s it!

The rest is done transparently. On your personal page, you can track where the order has arrived and how long it will take to be delivered.
Use Onex services to make delivery faster, safer and more affordable, but more on that later
And now step by step: more detailed

Online shops

To search for the product you need, you should first understand in which online stores it is possible to find it.

There are online stores that offer a specific range of products, and there are stores where you can find everything. Many famous brands also have their online stores, such as Apple, Armani, Zara, etc.

You can find the list of stores here:
If it is not about branded or unique products, it is recommended to use online supermarkets such as Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay, because on such sites you will find a wide variety of products at affordable prices, and under each product there are many ratings and reviews from other buyers.
How to choose a product

It is not enough just to find the type of product you need. Among many offers, you will probably find many suitable ones, and you will need to make a choice.

When making a choice between products, of course, the basic factors are their technical indicators, but in addition to them, you should pay attention to one more thing.

Online stores have a section where buyers can leave their evaluation and opinion (Reviews). In this section you can find additional information about the product from its users.

Some buyers even post pictures and videos of how they use it.

In some cases, it is even better to choose the product that is worse in terms of technical parameters, but has more positive reviews.
How to place an order
To place an order, you need to register on the website and attach a payment method (bank card, e-wallet, etc.).

Here you need to be careful and use only those stores you trust, that's why we advise you to make purchases only from the list of the stores above.
After registration, we return to the page of the desired product. There you can find 2 types of buttons: "Add to bag/cart" or "Buy".
The first one will add the product to your "Basket" of the given store, which you can find from your personal page and make the purchase.
However, you can order one product at a time from that product page with the second button.
After that, you will be asked to specify a delivery address. Here is where Onex comes up.
How to use ONEX
Onex carries out cargo transportation from a number of countries to Armenia. You can see the list of countries, delivery times and prices here.

Terms of service can be found here.

When you sign up with Onex, you get an ARM code and free addresses in the USA, Greece, Italy, Russia, China, UK, Germany and Dubai.
When making a purchase, in the "Address" field on the online store page, it is necessary to indicate the address provided to you, which is the closest to the given seller (the list of stores on the Onex.am website also indicates the country in which it is located). Along with it, indicate the ARM code in the "Address Line 2" field, and if the website does not have such a field, in the "Name" or "Address" field, after the name/address, and confirm the order.
Product delivery
The delivery consists of 2 stages.

First, the product must arrive from the online store's warehouse to the oversea warehouse of Onex. You can follow that process on your page of the given store. This stage of delivery, its duration and cost are not dependent on Onex.

When the product leaves the warehouse of the given store, it is given a Tracking number. It is necessary to register the information about the product and the method of delivery on your personal page of Onex by adding a new order.
When the product arrives at the Onex warehouse, you will be notified. After that, you can track the delivery from your Onex personal page. In the second stage, the product is sent from the Onex warehouse to Armenia.

When the order arrives at Armenian warehouse of Onex, you can choose the delivery method from your personal page: at one of the offices, delivery by locker, or delivery to your home.
More details about lockers:

You pay the shipping fee when you receive the product.

It is necessary to top up the Onex account with the appropriate amount before receiving it (you can top up with Easy Pay and Telcell terminals, Easy Wallet and Telcell Wallet or by attaching a bank card).

So, you already know how online shopping works.

Now let's understand its advantages.

  • Credibility
    You cannot be 100% sure of the originality of any product purchased from the market, however, products ordered from the official websites of brands do not have this problem.
  • Selection
    It is obvious that the selection of any product on the Internet will be much larger, and not a few, but tens and hundreds of times.
  • Savings
    Despite the fact that in addition to the cost of the product ordered online, you also pay for its delivery, as a rule, this amount is smaller than the price of the same product on the market.
  • Speed
    Despite the large selection, you can quickly find the most suitable options for you with the help of active filters. In addition to this, there is no need to physically leave the house.
  • Intangibility
    Many products have a detailed description and are presented with pictures. There are no websites, but a return mechanism. Besides, one can read the ratings and reviews of people who have purchased that particular product in the past. Apart from low demand products, there is so much information on the Internet about everything else that it completely replaces the opportunity to touch and try it in person.

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