Based on the hit movie The Addams Family, Netflix “Wednesday” enters winter 2022 with its enigmatic yet charming characters and atmosphere.


Հանրահայտ «The Addams Family» ֆիլմի վրա հիմնված Netflix-ի «Wednesday» սերիալը 2022-ի ձմեռ է ներխուժում իր առեղծվածային, բայց հմայիչ կերպարներով և մթնոլորտով։


The series tells about a young Wednesday Addams as she investigates the murders at her new school, Nevermore Academy, as she struggles to understand the connection between the mysteries surrounding the city of Jericho, her family, and the monster that has appeared there. In the process, she also manages to make new friends and break a couple of boyish hearts.

Although “Wednesday” does not belong to any particular genre and contains elements of horror, supernatural mysticism and comedy, it has a distinct, modern and unique style that captivates many viewers. As a spin-off of one of the brightest and most quintessential horror films of the 90s, The Addams Family, the series does not remain in the shadows but becomes one of the most popular and unique series on Netflix.

Wednesday's popular dance scene brings a lot of recognition to the remix of Lady Gaga's "Bloody Mary" and the Cramps' own "Goo Goo Muck" soundtrack. With the latter, there are currently over 125,000 TikTok videos and clips.
The secret of the success of “Wednesday”

"Wednesday" received
positive reviews from critics.
  • 1 billion hours watched on Netflix
    Released on November 23, 2022, "Wednesday" reached 1 billion hours watched in three weeks, surpassing "Stranger Things" to become the second most watched English-language series on Netflix.
  • Golden Globes "Wednesday"

    The series won a Golden Globe Award in two categories: Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy and Best Actress for Jenna Ortega’s part.
  • The Series that Became the Record Holder for 1 Week
    The series set a record by becoming the most watched English-language series of Netflix history in one week.
The Main Characters
  • Wednesday Addams
    Jenna Ortega

    Decisive, principled and thirsty for justice, sixteen-year-old Wednesday comes from an unusual family. Having a difficult relationship with her parents and having managed to change eight schools, Wednesday moves to the Nevermore Academy, where her new adventures begin.

  • Enid Sinclair
    Emma Myers

    Enid is the opposite of Wednesday, lively and friendly. She is a werewolf. However, the only thing about her that resembles a wolf is her sometimes protruding claws. Unlike other werewolves, Enidcannot convert, so her family puts pressure on her.

  • Xavier Thorpe
    Percy Hynes White
    With an uncanny ability to bring pictures to life and a charming, mysterious personality, Xavier is one of the most coveted and popular students of Nevermore Academy. His life often lacks the attention of his father, which
    makes him feel abandoned.
  • Tyler Galpin
    Hunter Doohan
    Tyler is the son of Galpin, the

    sheriff of Jericho. Unlike most characters in the series, he is an ordinary mortal teenager (normie) who works at a local cafe, where he meets Wednesday.

  • Bianca Barclay
    Joy Sunday

    Bianca Barclay is a famous student at Nevermore Academy, descended from an ancient family of mermaids and has a spellbinding ability to persuade.

  • Larissa Weems
    Gwendoline Christie

    Weems is the headmaster of Nevermore Academy, who has a slight dislike for the Addams Family due to her disagreements with Mother Wednesday during her college years. But for the sake of the school's reputation, she goes out of her way to keep Wednesday safe from accidents.

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It all begins in 1938, when cartoonist Charles Addams draws the Addams Family comic book series, which is published in The New Yorker magazine. Then, in 1964, a television series of the same name was released, which gathered a large audience.
Wednesday in Various Movies
In 1991 and 1993, director Barry Sonnenfeld and Saban Entertainment made three films about the Addams Family in 1998, two of which were nominated for Oscars and won numerous awards.
And finally, in 2022, the Wednesday series about the Addams’ daughter, created by Alfred Goff, Miles Millar and Tim Burton, was released by Netflix.
Hanna-Barbera Productions, which made Tom and Jerry in 1973 and 1992, produces animated series about the Addams Family. And in 2019 and 2021, Adams' animated 3D films were released with the voices of Charlize Theron, Finn Wolfhard, Snoop Dogg and others.
"Wednesday" Theme Accessories
"Wednesday" Theme Accessories
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Interesting Facts
Did you know...
Christina Ricci, who plays the iconic character Wednesday in the show's main source, the 1991 film The Addams Family, also appears on the show as Nevermore teacher Marilyn Thornhill, who always supports Wednesday.
Wednesday is a polyglot, martial artist, swordsman, archer and cellist virtuoso. To play a character with such skills, 20-year-old Jenna Ortega took German, cello, fencing, archery and canoeing lessons.
Filming of the "Wednesday" series took place in the capital of Romania. The film crew chose it because it is not a very common location in films and television, and the scenery there will not seem familiar to the observer.
It turns out that actress Jenna Ortega struggled with the show's Wednesday-Tyler-Xavier love triangle, suggesting that feelings for boys were the last thing Wednesday's character cared about.
The role of the entertaining hand of Wednesday’s uncle, nicknamed "Thing", is played by a Romanian magician Victor Dorobantu. Prior to filming the Thing scene, Viktor had three hours a day of prep work, during which he dressed in a special blue suit so the VFX team could cut it in post-production.
Paying tribute to the 1993 film The Addams Family and the 1960s television series of the same name, Tim Burton's team made many references to them in the film. For example, in Episode 1, Jenna Ortega appears in the classic black dress with white collar that was Christina Ricci's iconic Wednesday outfit. And the stuffed bear in Principal Weems' office is a reference to the teddy bear from the 1964 film Addams House.
How well do you know "Wednesday"?
Which writer's work is the name Nevermore Academy associated with?

(hint: there is also a statue of that writer in the academy and the canoe competition of the academy is named after him)
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Who started the persecution of the Jericho exiles?
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What did Enid give Wednesday on her birthday?
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What flower did Miss Thornhill give Wednesday on her first day at the academy?
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Why did Wednesday's parents call her in the name of the week day?
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